Judy (mother of camper)

“SummerTech changed my son’s life and gave him focus and direction.  SummerTech fueled the flames of my son’s passion for computers and gaming.  My son found himself, his passion and lifelong friends at SummerTech.  The best camp ever for techie kids!”

Zach (camper)

“The quantity and quality of the classes at SummerTech is amazing!  This place is cool, I found my people!”

Heidi (mother of camper)

“We sent Matt to SummerTech so he would have the opportunity to learn and explore his interest in technology.  He got that opportunity, and so much more!  He’s made a lot of great friends at SummerTech over the years and built really meaningful relationships.  It truly is a special place — you get this wonderful diversity of campers and staff and everyone is amazingly supportive and accepting — just the values you want your child to learn.  It’s been six summers for our family and we just love SummerTech.”

Matt (camper)

“Some of the best times of my life have been at SummerTech.  Learning code and Flash animation, meeting new friends, making crazy videos, taking improv classes, competing in the SummerTech Olympics, living in a dorm, playing in Wii tournaments.  All this and it also helps you ace AP Computer Science.”

Gail (mother of camper)

“My son attended last summer for the first time and he learned so much and was so excited about what he accomplished in one week that he begged me to attend one more week.  He also mentioned that he met new friends that he had more in common with than just school and sports.”

Angelo (father of camper)

“Matt is a shy young man who has a spark for science and technology.  We searched for a camp that would provide him with an opportunity to experience a multitude of computer applications, coding, gaming and found SummerTech. Matt immediately found kids with similar interests, counselors that he looked up to and relate and an environment not structured around sports and swimming but intellect and interest. Matt attended the day session for one week last summer and is planning on the overnight stay for four weeks this summer.”

Nick (Former Camper/CIT/Camp Counselor)

“My experiences at SummerTech have brought me much more than your typical summer camp’s comradery. Looking back, it wasn’t just the plethora of knowledge shared by a friendly and responsible staff, that made time spent at SummerTech so great. More so, I’d point to the camp’s distinctive culture, that provides every camper with a driven environment, unbiased support, and the autonomy to realize potential in creative ideas. Since my first week at SummerTech, I knew I had arrived in a special place. I would recommend this camp to anyone with an interest in technology.”

Keiko (mother of campers)

“My son Phil enjoyed attending SummerTech year after year since middle school. Initially, he was drawn to the idea of plentiful video game playing, but through the lessons at camp, he acquired interest in programming which deepened every summer. The counselors were excellent teachers, guiding him in challenging projects. Now he is a high school senior intent on pursuing a computer science major in college. I am pleased that he found himself a career that will be emotionally and financially rewarding for him, and this is thanks to SummerTech.

My daughter started SummerTech by tagging along with her older brother. She chose computer art and animation, and this has become her passion. She liked her counselors, learned new things, and had a lot of fun. At SummerTech, she was introduced to the drawing tablet, and after camp, she insisted on buying one with her birthday money. Drawing on the computer became her new hobby, and she draws almost every night after finishing her homework.”

Theresa (mother of camper)

“SummerTech is exactly what my son was looking for and has been a great educational and social experience for him.  He was a computer maven from an early age, but when he started to become curious about how all the games he enjoyed playing are created, I wondered where a middle school student could begin to learn about software and writing code.  Luckily, the computer teacher at our school had heard that SummerTech was a good program.  Noah will be attending for his third summer and loves every minute.  The curriculum is challenging and he loves spending time with other like-minded students.  With lots of free time for gaming and outdoor activities, it is the perfect combination of learning and fun.”

Amy (mother of camper)

“My son never enjoyed summer camps until we found SummerTech. The kids learn useful computer skills but have ample time for gaming and tossing a frisbee outside on the grounds of the campus. My son has made many friends there, from all over Westchester County. The staff is professional and kind, and they welcome all campers with enthusiasm. I am so glad that we found SummerTech!”