3:1 Camper to Staff Ratio


 Stories from our campers
and their parents. 


Parents are always telling us how grateful they are that they found SummerTech. We're proud to say that SummerTech is more than just a camp—we're a family of learners and explorers. Our parents and kids see that from day one, and grow to become more because of it.

“My son never enjoyed summer camps until we found SummerTech. The kids learn useful computer skills but have ample time for gaming and tossing a frisbee outside on the grounds of the campus. My son has made many friends there, from all over Westchester County. The staff is professional and kind, and they welcome all campers with enthusiasm. I am so glad that we found SummerTech!”
-Amy (mother of camper)
“Some of the best times of my life have been at SummerTech. Learning code and Flash animation, meeting new friends, making crazy videos, taking improv classes, competing in the SummerTech Olympics, living in a dorm, playing in Wii tournaments. All this and it also helps you ace AP Computer Science.”
-Matt (camper)
“My son attended last summer for the first time and he learned so much and was so excited about what he accomplished in one week that he begged me to attend one more week. He also mentioned that he met new friends that he had more in common with than just school and sports.”
-Gail (mother of camper)
“The quantity and quality of the classes at SummerTech is amazing! This place is cool, I found my people!”
-Zach (camper)
“SummerTech changed my son's life and gave him focus and direction. SummerTech fueled the flames of my son's passion for computers and gaming. My son found himself, his passion and lifelong friends at SummerTech. The best camp ever for techie kids!”
-Judy (mother of camper)
Questions? We're here to help! Call us at 866-814-TECH (8324) or email us at info@summertech.net!