3:1 Camper to Staff Ratio

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ST::Who We Are

SummerTech is Earth's greatest computer camp. Our secret ingredient is that our teachers today were once campers themselves, so they understand the magic that goes into making this community special.

SummerTech is a family-owned and operated technology summer camp for boys and girls ages 8-17. We crash-landed on this planet in the summer of 2002 and have proudly served the Westchester County community ever since. We’re proud of the way our curriculum and our facilities distinguish us from our competitors, but we believe it’s our people who truly make us special.

Like most traditional summer camps, our campers grow to become our counselors, teachers, and mentors. SummerTech’s staff consists of our best and brightest, who have demonstrated their commitment by taking the reins and stepping up to positions of leadership over the years. Nearly all of our staff members began as campers and matured into the teachers they are today.

Our counselors know how to bring out the best in their campers because they used to be those campers. We’ve seen shy campers break out of their shells and evolve into charismatic leaders, we’ve seen unlikely friendships fostered and maintained for years thereafter, and we’ve seen one kid stick his head in the 3D printer and come out half mosquito, but that was just that one guy.

Part of who we are is our belief that everyone brings something important to the table, whether they know it yet or not. Everyone, whether young or old, staff or camper, moleman or centaur, knows something that you don’t. By bringing kids together and encouraging them to ask “why,” we help them develop into learners and teachers. Our senior teachers inspire our younger staff and campers which, in turn, helps us build a team of compassionate, smart, and able leaders.

We’re confident your child will love our community and want to become a part of it for years to come. We’ve watched it happen, again and again, for 17 years and counting.

Questions? We're here to help! Call us at 866-814-TECH (8324) or email us at info@summertech.net!