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Designed for rising 4th to 11th graders

In Westchester NY at SUNY Purchase College!


Discover the SummerTech advantage

With more than 20 years dedicated to evolving and perfecting computer science education for young learners.

SummerTech boasts over 20 years

A Tradition of Evolution and Excellence

SummerTech boasts over 20 years of evolving tech education excellence, highlighted by a standout 2:1 Camper to Teacher Ratio and a customized curriculum that showcases clear, impactful results.

A Comprehensive and Engaging Curriculum

Centered around concept mastery, SummerTech’s the curriculum spans in-depth Coding, foundational 2D Animation, and 3D Modeling courses, fostering a rich, supportive environment for creativity and innovation.

An Unforgettable Summer Experience

SummerTech offers an immersive geek culture experience in a real engineering setting, complete with comprehensive meal plans, flexible camp options, and a prime Westchester County location, ensuring an unforgettable summer of learning and fun.
Centered around concept mastery

Discover SummerTech's 2024 sessions at Purchase College, SUNY, offering an immersive tech education camp experience for young enthusiasts. Explore both commuter and overnight options, available for various age groups with comprehensive programming, coding, and digital arts instruction.

Enjoy Gaming, Memorable Events, and More

Transforming every day into an exciting a new adventure for our campers. With surprises awaiting at every corner, there’s always something fresh, captivating, and downright fun to discover at SummerTech.


Play your favorite games with your friends! Minecraft, Fortnite, Smash, we play it all. Our gaming computers are state-of-the-art.

Outdoor Activities

Fresh air! We make sure campers get away from the screens and get some sunshine.


Every week counselors offer brand new electives. Choose from academic, social, or outdoor recreational options.

Overnight at SummerTech

Staying overnight at SummerTech each week is an amazing opportunity and experience. Our dorms are just above our labs! Most rooms house two campers. We have our own floor and the entire staff is on site, too!

Overnight Availability in 2024:

Add an overnight stay to your registration. Space is limited!
All other weeks are commuter only.

SummerTech 2024 is offering two Two-Week (12-night) Overnight Experiences from June 30 to July 5 and July 14 – July 26.

At SummerTech, we believe in fostering

Leadership Training

At SummerTech, we believe in fostering the holistic development of everyone involved, including our esteemed teachers, by equipping them with essential hard skills, soft skills, and life skills. In our relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional academic experiences, we have devised an innovative and inspiring system that transforms our campers into the future leaders of our program. This transformative journey begins with our esteemed Intern and Counselor-In-Training (CIT) programs.

Discover how our Intern and CIT programs nurture and empower campers, preparing them to become the skilled and passionate instructors of tomorrow.

Explore our leadership programs to unlock a world of possibilities.

Geek Culture

Immerse yourself in the heart of SummerTech, a dynamic community rooted in Geek Culture and Radical acceptance. It’s a haven where you can wholeheartedly embrace your true self and bask in the appreciation of who you are. We cherish and prioritize the freedom of self-expression, valuing every individual’s unique passions and interests. We warmly invite you to share your passions, hobbies, and interests, as we delight in celebrating the diverse array of cool stuff that makes you who you are. Whether your passions lie in coding, animating, gaming, music, art, anime, or building remarkable creations, you’ll find a welcoming home here. SummerTech is where you can truly belong and share your passions with a community that celebrates and embraces them wholeheartedly.
Immerse yourself in the heart of SummerTech

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