The SummerTech Counselor-in-Training Program

The Path to Leadership at SummerTech begins as a CIT

Becoming a CIT at SummerTech

The Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program at SummerTech provides a transformative experience to equip aspiring individuals with the necessary training and guidance. Our directors and mentors lead this program to prepare participants for the roles of Junior or Senior Teacher within our camp community. The CIT program offers comprehensive support to help you become an accomplished and impactful member of our teaching team.

CIT Program Requirements

Eligibility requirements:

Completion of 10th grade.

Good understanding of the course content (Java, Python, 3D Modeling, and/or 2D Animation) – brush up during the school year with

Commitment to a minimum of three weeks in the CIT program.

Join our CIT program and set out on a path of learning and development. It’s your stepping stone to becoming a standout Junior or Senior Teacher at SummerTech.

CIT Experience

By taking part in the CIT program, you will gain valuable skills, experience, and confidence as you work towards becoming a Junior or Senior Teacher at SummerTech.

Take on the role of a staff member and gain practical experience in all aspects of camp operations.

Work with your mentor to interact with SummerTech campers, teaching and reinforcing important concepts.

Develop your teamwork skills by taking part in the design, construction, and execution of engaging events and activities.

CIT Pricing per Session in 2024

Choose your session:

Session 1

June 23 – July 12 (Weeks A, B, C)

Session 2

July 14 – August 2 (Weeks D, E, F)


Meals provided


Dorm and meals provided