3D Modeling Camp for Kids and Teens

Technical thinking meets artistic expression in our 3D modeling camp

Learning 3D Modeling

Unlock the world of 3D modeling in our immersive courses, where campers delve into the fundamentals of creating captivating digital 3D models. Our program empowers students to bring both real-life objects and beloved fictional characters to life through their artistic vision. With 3D modeling, campers have the opportunity to explore their creativity while gaining proficiency in advanced software tools. Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities as you create stunning artwork for video games, meticulously craft models of iconic Star Wars spaceships, delve into the realm of 3D animated movies, and so much more. Follow your artistic inspiration and master the art of 3D modeling in our engaging and transformative SummerTech courses.

About 3D Modeling

3D Modeling Features and Benefits

Explore the wide-ranging benefits of learning 3D modeling in our engaging camp


Engaging in 3D modeling pushes kids to unleash their creativity and go beyond their artistic boundaries, fostering a sense of exploration and imagination.


3D modeling enhances motor control and computer skills, providing kids and teens with valuable technica expertise that can be applied in various fields.


With a multitude of 3D modeling styles and applications available, our campers have the opportunity to explore different paths and discover their passions within this dynamic and versatile discipline.

Discover the diverse applications of 3D modeling across various careers and industries


3D models serve as the foundation for visually stunning 3D animated movies and shows, including beloved creations from studios like Pixar. Additionally, they contribute to the creation of realistic effects in live-action entertainment, as seen in productions such as Game of Thrones.


In the world of video games, 3D modeling plays a pivotal role. Many of today’s games rely on 3D models as the basis for their graphics, allowing game developers to create immersive and visually captivating experiences. Mastering 3D modeling empowers you to craft visual assets, the fundamental building blocks of game animation.


3D modeling proves invaluable in engineering and architectural fields, facilitating precise planning and design. By creating scale models and virtual representations, 3D modeling enables professionals to visualize and refine their projects with greater accuracy.

Discover the advantages of Python’s readability, high-level approach, portability, and efficient interpretation as you embark on your coding journey. Experience the power and versatility of Python, a language designed to simplify and enhance the art of programming.

About Blender, Our Course Technology

Discover Blender at SummerTech: our go-to tool for 3D modeling courses. This open-source, feature-rich software offers an intuitive interface for creating detailed models and animations. Blender supports every stage of the 3D pipeline, empowering you to unleash your creativity.

Bring your imagination to life as you shape and mold virtual objects with precision and creativity.

Dive into the realm of movement and expression as you animate your models, breathing life into your creations.

Explore the art of rigging, where you create skeletal structures and controls to manipulate characters and objects.

Witness the transformation of your 3D models into stunning visuals through the rendering process, showcasing the depth and beauty of your designs.

Combine various elements, such as images, textures, and effects, to create seamless and visually striking compositions.

Discover the power of motion tracking, enabling you to integrate 3D elements seamlessly into live-action footage.

Unleash your storytelling abilities as you edit and refine your animated sequences, adding polish and finesse.

Immerse yourself in the world of game development, leveraging Blender’s tools to bring your game ideas to life.

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