Outdoor Activities

Time to socialize, get some exercise, and get some sunshine.

Every day at SummerTech we spend a few hours in the sunshine, getting away from all screens to take in some fresh air. Here are some of the things we do when we’re outside.

At SummerTech, our passion for games


At SummerTech, our passion for games extends far beyond the digital realm. When the sun is shining and we step outside, the grounds come alive with enthusiastic campers fully immersed in a variety of physical activities, from the fast-paced thrills of dodgeball and the strategic moves in foursquare to the teamwork in soccer and the exhilarating throws of ultimate frisbee. But that’s not all! The fun continues with spirited rounds of spike ball, the classic chase in tag, the anticipatory excitement of the jackpot, and the strategic pursuits in capturing the flag. Our outdoor arena is a testament to our belief that gaming has many forms, each offering its own set of joys and lessons. Come, join the vibrant atmosphere and embrace the sheer joy of play!

Board Games

Do you have a board game that you absolutely adore? Dive into our extensive library, and you’re likely to find it waiting for you. We pride ourselves on housing an expansive collection that spans card games, board games, and thrilling dice adventures. If, by any slim chance, you can’t spot your preferred game, rest assured, we’re constantly on the hunt to expand our assortment. Whether you’re keen to discover a new game with your pals or eager to introduce them to a cherished classic, our library promises a refreshing change every time you visit. Dive in, explore, and revel in the world of strategic fun and excitement!

Do you have a board game
Do you possess a flair for creativity?


Do you possess a flair for creativity? Embrace it by dedicating your outdoor moments at the art table. Here, under the open sky, you can gather with like-minded friends and delve into an array of artistic endeavors. Whether it’s sketching a new scene, crafting intricate Perler art designs, or masterfully folding papercrafts, the ambiance only enhances your creativity. It’s not just a space for art, but also a sanctuary where you can relax, reconnect with your inner artist and let your creative juices flow freely. It’s a sublime way to de-stress and channel your imaginative spirit.